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Haley is a 200 RYT and Certified Yoga Trapeze instructor. Haley has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. She developed a dedicated practice after a couple knee surgeries that prevented her from participating in high impact activities she was used to doing. She quickly learned the greater benefits that yoga could provide, such as breath control and stress relief and now wants to share this with her community. 

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Corilynn is a RYT 200 hour yoga instructor and a new mom to wild one year old. Corilynn has a strong competitive background in running and originally turned to yoga naturally as an active rest day. After repetitive injuries due to the high impact of running, yoga became more than just stretching and became her primary form of exercise. Her classes are designed to be challenging with an intention for students to leave class feeling relaxed, clear minded, stretched, and strong. She also enjoys making awesome playlists to help link the breath and body!

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Jessalynn, or Jess, is an avid yoga practitioner, teacher and student who began her practice in 2007 after leaving college and entering the corporate world. She found yoga to be doubly beneficial in that it was a great way to stay fit and also counter the stresses that came along with a busy work schedule. Over the years, her love of leading a healthy lifestyle grew into more of a burning passion, so she quit her corporate job and went to Bali where she received her 200 hr yoga teacher certification. Jess is well equipped to lead everybody from beginner to advanced through flows that are fun, challenging and adaptable for all fitness levels. Jess also enjoys leading guided meditations and breathing practices. Off the mat, she loves cooking, gardening, reading, DIY projects, and making all natural skin scrubs and face masks! 



Erin is a RYT200 and Certified Yoga Trapeze instructor. She believes that there is a strong connection between the energy of breath (pranayama) and body (asana). Erin loves SUP yoga, beach yoga, trapeze in the woods, or any way she can bring her practice to the great outdoors. She strives to cultivate a space where students can deepen their awareness inward and leave feeling a balance of empowerment and deep peace.

Outside of yoga Erin works as an elementary school music teacher in Dover NH and plays the clarinet. Off the mat she enjoys hiking, paddle boarding with her dogs, and live music.

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Chloe is RYT 200 hour instructor. She became interested in yoga to help prevent injury as an avid runner. Chloe enjoys helping her students discover the benefits of connecting breath with movement. "As a person with a busy mind and body, yoga has become the safe place I need to clear my mind and focus. Yoga for me is a tool that I use to benefit other aspects in my life and I want to help others find what I have found." - Chloe



Dom received his RYT 200 hour at Exeter power Yoga. Since then, he has grown his teaching schedule to seven classes a week across three yoga studios and a Crossfit gym! All while maintaining his full time job as a Field Engineer for SPS New England. He is currently working on the Piscataqua River Bridge Project right here in Portsmouth. In Dom's free time, he enjoys running through trails, listening to Podcasts and working on his yoga prop brand! 


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Originally from NH, Emily found her true passion for yoga while living in Colorado. After an autoimmune condition diagnosis, Emily was encouraged to ditch marathon running and opt for a lower-impact fitness routine. She soon found out that yoga would completely change her life - joints, muscles and mind. Emily received her 200 hr Yoga teacher certification at CorePower Yoga in Denver in 2017. She has been teaching ever since, loving the way she can help others connect with their bodies in a mindful way. In Emily's positive energy classes, you can expect to sweat, strengthen & stretch.


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Emily completed her 750hr Massage Therapy Certification at North Eastern Institute of Whole Health and is actively licensed in NH. She also has a certificate in Grigorian Method® and will be an apprentice teacher next summer. GM® offers joint therapy for increased flexibility, stability, range of motion, and pain relief. Emily is passionate about relieving all kinds of stress - physical, mental, emotional, environmental- because it is the most common trigger to set off dis-ease. She is continuously amazed by the body’s ability to heal itself, given the right tools and mindset. She will share her knowledge of anatomy, along with her interests in breath work and holistic wellness in Gravity Massage classes. In her class, Emily also teaches how to train our diaphragms to expand with deep belly breathing and massage the internal organs, along with releasing built up toxins from the lymphatic system. After trying her Gravity Massage class, if you are interested in more personal massage and range of motion body work, you can visit Emily at her newly opened business, Simply Bliss Wellness in Pease. In her spare time, Emily is a lover of nature and hiking, summers on the seacoast, snuggles with her dog and tending to her many plant babies.

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Amy is a 200 RYT and has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. Amy started practicing yoga in an effort to stay active, increase flexibility and build strength but quickly realized the many  benefits that yoga offered. Yoga has provided more presence, balance and gratitude in her daily life. No matter what brings you to yoga, Amy's classes will help you to see all that yoga has to offer and will focus on the study of connecting mind, body, and spirit. 


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