HD Yoga for Fitness

Athletic yoga for all fitness levels!

What is the HD Difference?

  • An athletic style of Yoga that combines strengthening and stretching 

  • You don't need to know the language of yoga to follow along in class, so even if you are new to practice you won't feel out of place. 

  • We like to incorporate props in practice for some fun, unique flows

  • Small class sizes for more personalized attention



This class is an all levels 60 minute flow that incorporates movement with breath. Precise verbal cues and demonstration by our talented team of instructors will guide you through these athletic flows. Classes are moderately paced and low impact, yet deliver a high intensity workout using isometric holds to strengthen and lengthen your body. Modifications and challenge options are given to make this class available for all fitness and yoga  experience levels.

Recommended Props for Virtual: Mat and Blocks



HD Yoga Wheel is a unique 60 minute yoga class that incorporate the Yoga Wheel into practice. This class includes high intensity, yet low impact strengthening exercises such as core crunches and lunge sliders followed by restorative full body lengthening and supported, safer backbends. Practice focus with breath work and challenge the sometimes difficult to activate stabilizer muscles with fun, balancing poses. HD Yoga Wheel is the ultimate mind-body challenge and a fun way to mix up your routine!

Required Prop for Virtual: Yoga Wheel - 12-16" diameter

Recommended Props: Mat and Blocks